What is ICT.OPEN?

ICT.OPEN 2013 is the principal ICT research conference in the Netherlands. It features two distinguished plenary key notes and invited speakers, as well as many oral and poster presentations. The state of art in ICT research is presented and discussed here. ICT.OPEN is therefore the place to be for all involved in ICT research in the Netherlands.

Short history


The ICT.OPEN conference was organized for the first time in 2011 and it acts as the successor of SIREN//NL and STW.ICT. The organizing parties of SIREN//NL and STW.ICT, STW and IPN have joined forces bringing the various research communities together. This conference is open to researchers from the Netherlands and others countries. ICT.OPEN also welcomes representatives from industry and government to get introduced to the latest insights in ICT research.


Six tracks


During the conference there will be six tracks.  


The six tracks are:

Big Data

Components & Circuits

Cyber Security

Embedded Systems

Intelligent Systems

Software Engineering


more information about the tracks


The conference is organized jointly by IPN and STW. The organizing committees and programme committees can be found here.